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Live adventures

The Manneken Trip

A manpowered expedition across the American continent from north Canada to south Patagonia without any motorized transportation means : snowkiting in the far north, kayaking on the Mississippi, trekking in the Amazonian jungle, horseriding in Patagonia.

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The most outstanding natural features of Earth : From the highest summits to the deepest abyss, from the scorching deserts to the freezing lands, from the strangest natural formations to the remotest places.


Inspiring adventures

Destination South Pole

aged 26, Matthieu Tordeur aim to become the first french and the youngest explorer to ski the Antarctic from the coast to the south pole on a 1150 km journey, solo, without assistance and in full autonomy


Volcano Island

Iceland : a live exploration of volcanic and geothermal activity effects of this island coming right from the bowels of earth. It's about volcano under the ice, fumaroles, natural hot spring, giant crater, lava fields and more


Crossing the Sahara in Solex

Matthieu Tordeur, youngest member of the "Société des Explorateurs Français" cross the Sahara in Solex electric bike with Nicolas Auber. More than 2000 km along the Nil from Cairo in Egypte to Khartoum in Soudan


Climbing of the Muztagh Ata at 7546 m

The climbing of an accessible more than 7000 meters summit, one of the highest peak in the world that can be skied down


5 entrepreneurs cross Greenland

More than 500 km skiing the Greenland ice cap in autonomy from Kangerlussuaq to Isortoq.


Destination North Pole

They are only a few having reaching the north pôle walking the sea-ice. Dixie Dansercoer, one of the most renowned polar guide lead a group on the last degree of latitude to the north pole.


More adventures

Nepal : The great Dolpo caravan

A trek through the Mugu valley to the hidden lands of Dolpo in Nepal. An expédition organized by Expeditions Unlimited in partnership Trek Magazine. Timeless villages, high passes, monasteries ... a very remote and off the beaten path itinerary


The Arctic Circle Trail in winter

One of the most renowed long distance trek in the world on the west coast of Greenland covered in winter.


At the heart of Iceland

A more than 200 km expedition skiing across the Iceland highlands in autonomy. Snow deserts, glaciers and northern lights


Lenine peak ascent at 7134 meters

Climbing of the third highest summit of Soviet ex-empire at the border between Kirghizstan and Tadjikistan. The 7000 meters high summit the most reachable in the world