Include your audience in your adventure

Are you planning an adventure or an expedition with a sporting, a humanitarian, an educational, a scientific or a discovery goal ? liveXplorer is a digital platform wich aimed to give a new dimension to your challenge : real time tracking and sharing across the world. It's an innovative and engaging way to communicate with your followers, your sponsors and partners and the media plunging them right into the action.

What is liveXplorer : 

you online customized space gathering all the informations of your event so your follower can easily acces them

A satellite real time tracking of your geographical position

A space to introduce your sponsors and displaying links to your social media

a rich and interactive cartography showing all the field informations concerning your expedition

a log book with all the messages, photos an videos that you publish live

A customized dashboard gathering the indicators and parameters of your mission along with your statistics

Solutions to send messages, photos, videos and collect data on the field

Advices, training, and remote support in digital media production, communication and sponsoring

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