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Crossing the Sahara in Solex electric bike

August 2018

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Matthieu Tordeur, youngest adventurer of the French Society of Explorers, with Nicoas Aubert will ride more than 2000 km across the Sahara from Cairo, Egypt to Khartoum, Soudan with Solex electic bikes.

The Manneken Trip

January 2018

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Aged 28, the Belgian amateur adventurer Arnaud Maldague will embark in a great adventure consisting in crossing the American continent from north Canada to south Argentina. More than a discovery journey, The Manneken Trip is a sporting and ecological challenge.

The field : Far North, Mississippi river, Caribbean sea, Amazon jungle, Andes, Patagonia

Activities : Nordic skiing and snow kiting, walking, sailing, kayaking, horseback riding, cycling.

The cause : highlight environmental-friendly initiatives.

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Expedition to the North Pole 2018

April 2018

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They are few hundred to have reached the North Pole by the floe.
Jérôme and Michel are going to try reaching this mythic point.
Guided by Dixie Dansercoer, one of the most renowned polar guide in the world, they'll have tu pull heavy sleds on ice compression ridges, crossing or avoid open water and dealing with the transpolar flow.
Their departure point is the Barneo Russian Ice Camp, set up in april for a month at the latitude of 90° north. The last degree, 111 km and about 15 days later, they should reach the pole..

Fries On Tour : A world tour to meet the ones who change things

March 2018

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Thibaut and Quentin are two Belgian buddies who jump into a trip around the world like no other. Their goal : go and encounter people who try to change things. Being aware of our modern society foibles, they decided not standing by and are going to combine an adventure and a support project. Hence, in the various countries they'll cross, they will offer their skills in communication and marketing to support and highlight local humanitarian, social and environmental initiatives.

At the heart of Iceland : crossing Iceland highlands

March 2018

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In march 2018, the actor and adventurer Allan Asle go back to the heart of Iceland accompanied by Thomas Migevant a young talented chief operator and nature lover.
During their journey, Allan and Thomas will meet locals with untypical and fascinating occupations. They will speak about their way of living and handling this particular nature and will depict a portrait of them. The idea is to highlight this misunderstood winter island in a faithful and cinematographic way. The goal of the expedition is to gather several subjects : climate, social, human, tourism; getting confronted with the harsh conditions of such an expedition for more realism.

The Vatnajökull crossing

15 februrary 2018

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Dixie Dansercoer, one of the most renowned polar guide and Emmanuel Poudelet, a guide for trekking agencies are going to lead a team across the biggest European ice cap with the purpose of experiencing  the ambiance of a polar expedition.
The team will cover about 110 km on the glacier with a cumulated ascent of about 4000 meters and passing by the subglacial volcano Grimsvötn which is part of the most active volcanic system of Iceland.

The field : Iceland - Glacier

Activities : Nordic skiing.

Iceland 360 challenge

August 2017

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Aged 29, the French amateur adventurer Morgan Chetelat is going on a 3 months solo journey in Iceland walking 1,900 km in complete autonomy.

The field : Around Iceland along the road 1 plus north-west fjords and far north east.

Activities : walking solo in complete autonomy.

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