The crossing of Iceland Highlands

By Allan Asle

In march 2018, the actor and adventurer Allan Asle go back to the heart of Iceland accompanied by Thomas Migevant a young talented chief operator and nature lover.

For some years now, Iceland is committed in tourism promotion towards adventurers and nature lovers. However, in winter, the main part of the island is unpracticable due to extrem weather conditions. The highlands are covered with snow and can only be accessed by nordic skying.

During their journey, Allan and Thomas will meet locals with untypical and fascinating occupations. They will speak about their way of living and handling this particular nature and will depict a portrait of them. The idea is to highlight this misunderstood winter island in a faithful and cinematographic way. The goal of the expedition is to gather several subjects : climate, social, human, tourism; getting confronted with the harsh conditions of such an expedition for more realism.

About Allan Asle

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Allan Asle is an actor and adventurer.
He grew up at 1300 meters high at the heart of the Swiss mountains, in Villers-Sur-Ollon which he made his playground. There he create a tie connection with nature. Passionated by extreme sports, he attended the Swiss freestyle ski team while he was a teenager and competed for his first world cup in "les Contamines". At 18 he studied at the Swiss Military Recruit school in an elite squad as an explorer. At 19 he passed his pilot licence and developed a passion for the sky. The same year, he flew to New-York and studied theatre, his first obsession. 4 years later with a diploma from the prestigious William Esper Studio School, he joined the casting of a success theatre play : " Sleep no more". Back to Paris, he took part in series and films. he got the opportunity to collaborate with renowned directors like Xavier Beauvois and Gaspard Noé. In march 2018, while proceeding with his actor occupation, he committed in an Iceland crossing from north to south in solo. He made a documentary about this adventure "Si teddy l'a fait" featured in several festivals.
Since, Allan wrote a book highlighting emotion and introspection felt during such an adventure, now in reading by some editors.

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