A manpowered exploration
of the Americas from
North Canada to South Patagonia

Arnaud Maldague

by Arnaud Maldague

Aged 28, the Belgian amateur adventurer Arnaud Maldague will embark in a great adventure consisting in crossing the American continent from north Canada to south Argentina.
More than a discovery journey, The Manneken Trip is a sporting and ecological challenge. The 30,000 km itinerary will be covered without using any motorized mode of transportation but only by practicing several sports like nordic skiing, sailing, horseback riding, or walking.

Quick facts

30,000 km

the distance to be covered by Arnaud from Kugaaruk in north Canada to Ushuaïa in south Patagonia

900 days

The Manneken trip is not a race. Arnaud will take time of discovery, hence a two and a half year expedition.

6 sports

Nordic skiing and snowkiting, walking, sailing, kayaking, bicycling, horseback riding

15 countries

Canada, United States, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina.

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