North Pole expedition 2018

Michel Becker, Jérôme Brisebourg
Guided by Dixie Dansercoer

They are few hundred to have reached the North Pole by the floe.
Jérôme and Michel are going to try reaching this mythic point.
Guided by Dixie Dansercoer, one of the most renowned polar guide in the world, they will need all their energy, mental and commitment to achieve this challenge. They'll have tu pull heavy sleds on ice compression ridges, crossing or avoid open water and dealing with the transpolar flow.
Their departure point is the Barneo Russian Ice Camp, set up in april for a month at the latitude of 90° north. The last degree, 111 km and about 15 days later, they should reach the pole.

Organised by Expeditions Unlimited  a wolrd expert in arctic and antarctic polar expeditions organisation, this is the third one in the last four years.

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