The Vatnajökull crossing :
Biggest ice cap of Europe

Guidée par Dixie Dansercoer
et Emmanuel Poudelet


Situated in Iceland, the Vatnajökull is the most important ice cap in Europe and the third in the world. For this demanding challenge, a team of a dozen of participants is going to cross the glacier with ski and pulka with the purpose of experience the ambiance of a polar expedition.

The expédition is guided by Dixie Dansercoer, one of the most renowned polar guide and Emmanuel Poudelet, a guide for trekking agencies.

The team will cover about 110 km on the glacier with a cumulated ascent of about 4000 meters and passing by the subglacial volcano Grimsvötn which is part of the most active volcanic system of Iceland.

The expedition begins in the south coast of Iceland near the villages of Hnappavellir with the Öræfajökull subglacial volcano ascent, by a Vatnajökull glacier outlet.

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